Podiatric Medicine


Podiatry or podiatric medicine is a branch of medicine devoted to the study of, diagnosis, and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, leg, and lower back.
 The older title of “chiropodist” may be used by some clinicians.
Podiatry is a high paying specialty and was listed by Forbes in 2007 as the 15th best paid profession in the United States.

In many non-English-speaking countries of Europe, the title used may be “podologist” ” or “Podólogo”, in Mexico Podólogos are not recognized as Health Professionals and are called “Pedicurists”.

Until the turn of the 20th century, chiropodists—now known as podiatrists—were separate from organized medicine.

In the United States, medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle is mainly provided by two groups of physicians: podiatrists (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or DPM) and orthopedists (MDs or DOs

The first year of podiatric medical school is similar to training that either medical doctors or osteopathic doctors receive, but with an emphasized scope on foot, ankle, and lower extremity.
The four-year podiatric medical school is followed by a residency, which is hands-on post-doctoral training
Podiatrists certified by the ABPS have successfully completed an intense board certification process comparable to that undertaken by individual MD and DO specialties.

American Podiatric Medical Association

American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine



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